Autor Tema: Hot War (Jingle Ma, Ma Chu Cheng, 1998) [HK]  (Leído 604 veces)

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Hot War (Jingle Ma, Ma Chu Cheng, 1998) [HK]
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Título:Hot War
Título V.O:Waan ying dak gung
Director:Jingle Ma, Ma Chu Cheng
Año/País:1998 / Hong Kong
Duración:93 minutos
Reparto:Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Kelly Chen, Terence Yin, Vanessa Yeung
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Re: Hot War (1998) [HK]
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Cita de: "kusojiji"
Tango (Ekin Cheng), Blue (Kelly Chen), and C.S. (Jordan Chan) are
top-secret military scientists working on a new research project to develop
the ultimate weapon using subliminal programming to create a sort of
“universal soldier” by turning a regular civilian into deadly programmed
killers. The most notorious terrorist, Alien (Terence Yin), kidnaps Blue to
force Tango and C.S. to help him steal the research data from the military
and develop the new weapons systems. When the military officials decide
that Blue’s life is dispensable in contrast to the lives of the victims that the
new weapons system can take, Tango and C.S. decide to save Blue by
undergoing the virtual training themselves even though it is not fully tested
and complete. Once they complete the training, C.S. experiences the
training’s side effects and becomes uncontrollably violent. Tango must now
stop his best friend who is more lethal than ever.

Actualizada y añadido ripeo de VoMiT.

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Hot War (1998) [HK]
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Tiene buena pinta, bajando.

Gracias.  :)